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About agency

Liepaja city municipal agency “Liepājas sabiedriskais transports” (Liepaja public transportation) was established on June 1, 2011. The Agency was founded by the municipality and it is financed from the municipality’s budget. The Agency operates based on the Public Agencies law and the regulation (Link in Latvian) of Liepaja city municipal agency “Liepājas sabiedriskais transports”. The Agency is formed, reorganized or liquidated by Liepaja City Council.

The ultimate goal of the Agency is to provide as far as possible the most financially effective, affordable, modern and qualitative public transportation services.

There are 21 employees at the agency, 12 of them tickets controllers in the public transportation. The Agency contacts are available here. 

The Agency provides the following services to the population:

  • Public transportation in the city of Liepaja;
  • Sale and distribution of the public transportation tickets;
  • Ticket control in the public transportation;
  • Information about the public transportation in the city of Liepaja;
  • Administration of fare discounts defined for the public transportation and issuance of such tickets;
  • Licensing of taxis and the administration of this service in Liepaja.

While providing services in the city of Liepaja, the operation of the Agency is aimed at the following aspects:

  • Provision of the availability of the public transportation routes for the residents and guests of the city;
  • Provision of the public transportation services so that people can go to educational institutions, medical care institutions, workplaces, state and municipal institutions during normal (generally accepted) office hours.
  • Accessibility of the public transportation and infrastructure for the passengers with functional disorders;
  • Affordability of tickets and their convenient usage;
  • Adequacy of ticket price in comparison to the purchasing capacity of the residents;
  • Availability of the information about the public transportation.

The Agency is managed by a Director, who is acting in compliance with the valid legal enactments of the Republic of Latvia and the regulation of the Agency, approved by Liepaja City Council.